Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hormones Or click

We use to have question in our minds..for guys to have a beautiful women in their lives, an attractive smart women..for women to have a good relationship that will last long. Most of the men go for an attractive a sort of trophy type of women that he can be boast and proud of but most of the time only lasts for a couple of days, weeks and months just part of their collection. In the other hand women also collects a eligible bachelors, good looking guys and financially stable and a masculine sexy type of a men. But what do we really need to have to spend the rest of our lives with? Is it only good looks, sexy, handsome or rich? Or the one that stirs our bodily wants and needs. Based on the questions I throw to a number of guys most of the time they try to identify the girl they meet if its only for bed, for one night stand or for keeps. Most of the time they say its the hormones who makes the guys wants a girl with physical contact. According to them most of the time hormones rule over brains and they go for lust because hormones have everything to do with lusts and breeding. Tricks is also part of the game, if its not the women who do the tricks its the guys to get the girl  
 and see the girls as a pleasure an apple or appetite of the eyes and leave as if nothing happens. But not at all time this things happens because there still what we call love or click for that matter. Guys have something to do with an A-Team: meaning most guys wanna hang out with male friends because that's safe. When the time comes that the guys and girls becomes serious when they are both bored of the things they do either its the male or female group they leave the group and start looking and finding for a click of a guy to a girl and girl to a guy. They become soft and ready to fall in love or have a click to a certain individual that makes them feel different. When this time comes you will distinguish the difference of for a hormones sake or for a click. But you don't need to look for it because it will really come you  if its your time  to have a click but for the hormones its always anytime...So woman be aware if what you really feel is click or if its just hormones because it is time wasting. And Man be responsible enough if you don't feel the woman you meet as your click ..please don't try to be unbecoming of a man by letting your hormones moving...So to anyone don't waste your time, listen to your first instinct, hear your heart out it will lead you to a better way of life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clicking the Net is Earning itself!

When my computer broke I went to a nearby cafe to chat with my hubby. I was so busy talking to him who  is in the other side of the world working for us his family. When I turned around to see what other net users do? I was surprised they are making a parttime job on the net while enjoying, earning and learning at the same time to think they are not IT graduates. So I tried to memorized the websites they visited and worked with. As far as my memory is concerned I am no longer that excellent when it comes to memorezation as I use to do during my elementary, highschool and college days. But to my surprised yes i made it and I am able to go and surf the sites they are in and I also found another site with the same kind of offers, work per hour with different companies. Our limited knowledge about the thing s we dont use to do but as long as there is net u can create, widen ur horizon and earn as much as you can by the aide of the internet. I have limited know hows about some things on the net, programs, doing reviews, and many other things about computers and IT. But I did not see it as a hindrance to excel and give up my dreams to earn and learn, Its only a process eargerness, a matter of patience and fighting spirit and courage to do more and to be on top of what you want to do and to succeed. Therefore I change my conclusion that interent if you will use it to the right technique and earning in good faith by just a click away , because before for me internet is a tool  for privacy envasion, atm and bank system  hacking  and porno stockroom.. So dont wait..Start now its just a click away to earn day by day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates.............Freedom of Expression? Buzz the latest information with proper integration....oozing with amazement thats....Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family's Welfare

In our lives we use to dream, we use to have wishes and hopes that we forgot to think that just to fulfill or achieve our dreams and ambitions we stamp on the rights and territory of others.Invade their privacy and being so selfish just for the sake of our family's welfare and a good life to live in.We focus on our material and territorial claim than to give justice and build peace for the people around us whom we use to turn to in times of distress and crisis. We use to have attitude of hate instead of establishing a camaraderie towards our fellowmen and neighbors. We need to create a safe and clean environment. We shout not be deaf, blind and pain in the hearts of our fellowmen just to provide the needs of our family our kids and our wife. Everybody think and thought what shall I do in order to augment the life of my love ones a family for that matter. Each of one of us seek a life's security and a good future, special the parents the father who will established the needs of the family in terms of financial but see to it that we are not the reason of the hurts and destruction of other families and homes...Can we not live a life filled with joy, peace, abundance and happiness?. Let us put down our selfish ambitions, our goal oriented but full of hatred..But instead build a healthy relationship for the real happiness cannot be measured of the material and financial aide that each family possess. Parents open your eyes and live a righteous life is honorable and divine!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Each individual has its own worries, whether your a boy or a girl you cannot escape from worrying. Maybe because you already experience something in your life and you suffered a lot that is almost makes you give up. But what is worries really means? It is a mental and emotional disturbance that connects to your bad experience in the past and you feel that it might happened again or maybe there is something coming your way in which doesn't do any good. Worries also in terms of relationship it is a big bang , a shaker of any relationship it affects partner and the atmosphere, it build doubts and misfortune and because of this you will lost confidence , trust and perhaps love. Once worries occupied your mind everything will be lost and gone. It gives you a mental disorder anxiety for that matter if you are not going to fight and overcome it life will be miserable. There's no medicine for worries only psychiatrist and psychologists can help you to overcome worries but it is only effective if you yourself will find ways to cope this things up, if you help yourself to beat the odds and think positive, because they are only instrument for your healing but if you are not going to help yourself everything will turn into nothing. One way of fighting this worries or anxiety is that think positive, don't let negative thoughts swallowed your mind and your whole being, because if you keep on thinking the negative specially your worry, you will create a negative vibes to yourself, to your surroundings and to your atmosphere, so everything is not yet too late you still have time to help yourself. Don't attract the negative wave, vibes and feelings but claim and think the positive side that everything is OK that u will excel no matter what, and when worries come treat it as a ordinary feelings that in every worries there is a solution at the end of a tunnel. So why worry when in fact you can beat it the remedy is in the tip of your hands. You are the master of yourself so don't allow anything to push you down but instead rise all above the contradictions of life and let happy and positive thoughts hug you, embrace you and comfort you. For only you can stop it, only you can help yourself !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Big Catch

When women meet a guy that is good looking and with a healthy wallet and seem to be Mr Right, We see it as a big catch. When the guy befriended to us, in our thoughts we often think he likes me, but the sad thing is that you are the only one who think and feel that way, and for that matter we give all our best shots to make the guy committed to us, We forgot to think and realized that he only offers friendship and not a boyfriend or husband, maybe if the guy is so cool he volunteered himself to be a foster father to your kids and or a father figure to them, you think he wants you because he stayed with you in a few days weeks or in a short while and feel that both of you have the same feelings, interests and urge, you are comfortable with each other from then on. We often think that he is ours and that he is a big catch a good one for our family's welfare. You give yourself physically and emotionally because of what you falsely or make believe and think that the guy really fall for us. And when the time comes that the man told you that" all he wants from you is your " friendship" that's all he can offer, for some reasons he don't want you to be his life partner. Your world turn upside down. You got alarmed because the first time you meet the guy you already give in with your feelings and slept with him offering yourself with out thinking that he might be turn off to you, or feel you as friend or a sister for that matter. You want him because for you he is really a good catch that's why you want to tagged him and got him because it has something to do with your life's security and most of all your whole family's secured future. But what are you going to do when you learn that he has already his most special someone , what will you do specially when you learn that he has already a child to that special someone and planning to have a family with their own, are you going to fight and stand for what you believe is right? that you need to get him by hook or by crook? Or your going to hurt the woman that the guy loves because in your thoughts my life is already upside down why cant she be? And so you always insists yourself to him by maintaining the communication with the guy knowing you can hurt that special someone and your going to destroy the relationship between the woman whom the guy loves and is the mother of his child, are you going to established relationship with the guy with all the laid off truths that he just want you for a friend. Are you going to ruined someone's life because you feel yours are ruined already? Are you not afraid of bad karma that whatever you sow that's what your going to ripped off, it will fall on your children. As a woman and as a mother we cannot stand to see that our kids specially our daughter lead to experience such a very hurtful and painful thing because of what we did in the past just to support their needs and to have a good future in the expense of others, Every woman has her own needs we are hook of what future we can give to our children in order to have a good future. We can support our family our needs if we think positive, we need to work hard to sustain this world but do it in away that you cannot destroy the life of others and yours. Just putting yourself in the shoes of others in order for you to feel what it is like when others do it to you the way you do. Woman we have the power, we have the courage and dedication, we have all the strength and inspirations, our family and kids are reason enough for us to choose the good things and make it right!

Monday, April 27, 2009

In the Absence of Meat

As we face the meat crisis due to the flu that spread out and be the global pandemic problem, why not use alternative that is more nutritious and healthy, so lets do eat!



4 cups cooked gluten(veggie meat)
1 large onion
1 tablespoon oil
5 cups water or potato water
1 cup chopped celery
1/3 cup tomato juice


  • Prepare broth by braising chopped onion in oil. Add liquid and celery
  • Bring to boil and add veggie meat cut in 1/2 inch slices. Cover and let it boil slowly for 1 hour, or until nearly all the liquid has evaporated.
  • Squeeze out excess liquid. Dip in beaten eggs to which a little water have been added.
  • Roll in crackers or if not bread crumbs and lightly brown on both sides in a small amount of oil. The remaining liquid in which the veggie meat was cooked can be thickened and use as a gravy.
  • Approximate 6 servings